About US

ShangkoStudio is an independent game development studio. We specialize in creating engaging and unique gaming experiences for both modern and classic audiences. Our vision is to bring a new dimension of immersive entertainment to the gaming world.

We strive to create games that are innovative, exciting and captivating. Our team is composed of experienced game designers, artists and programmers from across the globe who are passionate about creating quality, immersive game experiences. Our teams go the extra mile to ensure that our games offer players an enhanced and remarkable experience that they won't forget.

We are constantly experimenting with different technologies and platforms, so that our games can be played across a variety of platforms and devices. We strive to provide the best user experience possible through long-term collaboration with our customers. Our experts have a deep knowledge of the gaming industry, enabling them to create innovative titles that captivate and challenge players.

We believe in providing enjoyable, visionary gaming experiences that bring people together. Through our commitment to quality, we hope to have a positive impact not only on those who play our games, but also on the gaming community as a whole. We look forward to creating inspiring and engaging games that inspire passion and creativity.